Precious metal leaf has always been prized for its lustre for the finest decoration, and nothing compares to laying a thin layer of genuine gold. We use the purest gold leaf, laid with squirrel hair gilders tips, to enrich and ornament fine interiors. Platinum, Palladium and Moon Gold are also used along with the many variations of gold leaf. We can advise on the most appropriate choice of materials and allocation of solid or highlight gilding, patinas or rehausse techniques. We are highly skilled in a variety of gilding techniques, including oil gilding, modern (or burnished) water gilding and enamel gilding.

Architectural Gilding

We are highly experienced in creating the finest quality interior gilding schemes


Gilding of weather vanes, monuments, clocks and architectural features

Burnished Gilding

Using water gilding and modern burnish techniques to create exquisite mirror gloss gilding


Gilt furniture can be classical or strikingly contemporary. We work with furniture producers to create the perfect finish, and also carry out restoration of gilt furniture.

Distressed and Antique

A huge variety of effects can be created by distressing, faux water gilding and the application of broken glazes. We also create patinated bronze and verdigris finishes. 

Metal Leaf

We use all types of metal leaf to create our stunning installations, such as japanese gilt leaf 

Gilding Restoration

We clean historic gilding to recapture its lustre, and invisible repairs to preserve historic gilded schemes 

Gilt Walls & Ceilings

Genuine gold or a variety of metal leaf can be laid to give a rich finish to walls and ceilings. 

Picture Frames

We gild and restore picture frames 

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We offer a complete decoration service from high quality painting to gilding and murals.

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We assist heritage professionals to present their vision of the most important heritage interiors.

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Decorative Art

Re-creation or restoration of historic schemes, we offer a complete specialist decoration service.

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